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Fence Removal Chicago – Our Tips

Doing fence removal in Chicago yourself is a great way to save costs. Here are some tips for removing your old fence.

Are You Allowed To Take Down That Fence?
To be a good neighbor means not taking down a fence that’s not yours, so it is best to confirm your property lines before you start with your fence removal in Chicago.

Don’t Forget About Safety!
Number one is safety, so it is a lot safer to get the job done with two people. Be mindful that you’re not leaving nails on your yard, as this can be dangerous.

Removing Just The Fence Panels
If your posts are still in good condition, it is best to have a selective demolition in Chicago and save them. When you push your posts and can easily move them, it’s a sign of damage.

Our fence removal team is here if you are not ready for the heavy work that it requires for a fence removal! Contact D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago if you need our help.