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The 4 Important Things You Should Know Before Interior Demolition Chicago, IL

Demolition for any reason will need careful planning to be successful. So, before you start swinging your tools, here are the four critical steps to the smoothest demo.


  • Expect that it will get messy

Whether doing an interior demolition or an external one, you must understand that it will get messy once you start pulling away the tiles, floors, and concrete. You will also expose debris and hidden wastes that can produce unpleasant smells and sights. If you think this is not the job for you, you can call demolition contractors in Chicago for help.

  • Prepare the right tools and supplies.

If demolition works such as tile, carpet, and concrete removal, you will need heavy-duty tools like sledgehammers, saws, jackhammers, or drills to smash things away. Aside from this, it would be best to secure supplies for your tools to work smoothly. There is no need to spend much if you have these in your stash, you can readily use them. These tools and supplies can be hard to acquire if doing a DIY demolition for the first time, hence, hiring interior demolition Chicago is a great option.

  •   Always work safely

You need to know what is inside each wall and floor you will remove. It is ideal for keeping a copy of your home’s blueprint to know this information quickly. Keep track of gas, plumbing, and electric lines to avoid damaging them, resulting in a big mess or accident, and keep children away at all times on the site. Also, wear protective gear at all times possible and coordinate with selective demolition Chicago for more safety plans ahead.

  •   Make and execute the plan

Make a plan before demolition. Think about the things you can salvage and save. If something is hazardous, wear a respiratory mask and dispose of it properly. Execute your plan during demolition to stay safe.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Chicago, IL – Step By Step

Test for Asbestos
Safety is paramount, so before starting any popcorn ceiling removal in Chicago, make sure there is no asbestos present. Asbestos was used in textured ceilings prior to the early 1980s, so if your property predates that era, we suggest having a professional test the surface.
A positive result from asbestos testing will require a certified asbestos removal professional to take down the textured ceiling or cover it with new ceiling material.


Getting Started
With a negative asbestos test, you can begin your popcorn ceiling removal project. Clear the room completely by removing all furniture and taking down light fixtures. Then cover the walls and floor with plastic sheets, as this will get messy.
It’s now time to put on the dust mask and safety glasses. You may also want to keep the room ventilated while you’re scraping.


Wet the Ceiling
Popcorn ceiling removal is easier to do with a wet surface than working dry. Bring in your garden hose and carefully spray a 4×4 area at a time.
Let the scraping begin with the help of a wide putty knife. You can also use a drywall taping knife, gently running it over the wet ceiling. Spray and scrap the entire area until all the texture in the room has been removed. The plastic protection will make sure you don’t end up with popcorn walls in your Chicago home.


Finishing the Ceiling
With a now flat ceiling, you can prep it by sanding it smooth and priming. Then it’s ready to be painted. This is the best time to take care of the ceiling finish because the floor and walls are already covered.
If you find any imperfections or popped screws, they can be covered with joint compound and sanded down before painting.
When the painting is completed, remove the plastic sheeting from the walls and floor, reinstall the light fixture, and take in your new flat, popcorn-free ceiling.

Interior Demolition Chicago, IL – Factors That Affect Your Final Bill

Many factors influence the total cost of the services from demolition contractors in Chicago, which primarily includes the following:


Property’s Location & Permits

Urbanized areas can mean higher labor costs needed to demolish a property. At the same time, permits for demolition can vary from one town to another and can entail hundreds or thousands of dollars. We are the ones that you can count on and trust to get the job done right.


The Project’s Size

Large establishments will need more workforce and more time to demolish, which can translate to higher overall demolition costs. However, interior demolition in Chicago can give a discount per square foot if the demolition project is big.


The Building Material

Each building is unique, with some built on sturdier materials than others, and some building materials are hard to tear down. Concrete fixtures, for example, are more expensive to demolish, but concrete demolition in Chicago can help you with that.


Remediation & Hazardous Materials

Since building materials can be dangerous to handle, expert services from interior demolition contractors in Chicago are the best option. They are also experts when it comes to selective removal. The expertise to deal with proper removal of these can also increase the cost but will be worth it.


Debris Disposal or Recycling

Ultimately, when the building you want to get rid of gets demolished. You have to deal with the debris. There are many ways to dispose of these, but more purposeful disposal can be through recycling, where interior demolition in Chicago can assist you.

Drawbacks of DIY Bathroom Demolition Chicago, IL

1. Extra risk is taken

Like with any DIY demolition job, there are several aspects that may go wrong when dealing with a bathroom demolition Chicago on your own. Lots of pipes in a little area that may cause messes and leaks. Not to say, dangerous lead paint might exist, and drywall can generate dust powder that can be harmful to the lungs and eyes.

2. It’s arduous work

Despite if you’re skilled in demotion jobs, all the pulling, lifting, ripping and tearing charges a price for your body. If you chose to deal with the interior demolition on your own, get ready for being tired along with the procedure and feel pain for the next week.

3. It’s time-consuming

Bathroom demolition contractors Chicago require a deep comprehension of what they’re taking down and the future ideas for the area. If you’re just thinking of a small remodel, you may be able to perform the demolition of your bathroom during a weekend. Nevertheless, if your bathroom is spacious, your property is aged, or you’re thinking of altering all things, bathroom demolition can be complicated and arduous work, occupying weeks or even more to finish.

4. You’re in charge of getting rid of debris.

According to interior demolition contractors Chicago from D&D Bathroom Demolition, saying a demolition is chaotic is not enough. There are nails, dust, grime, and junk that you’ll need to get rid of if you decide to do this on your own. Borrowing a dumpster is the best approach for disposal when getting rid of demolition junk. All you need to do is load the dumpster. Nevertheless, disposal expenses can escalate rapidly, specifically when you’re getting rid of wood, plumbing, and other heavy stuff into the dumpster. If you surpass the containers’ weight bound, dumpster expenses will increase. In the worst scenario, you might need to get a second dumpster to finish the disposal process, which in other words will double the value of the disposal.

Concrete Demolition Chicago, IL – Methods

Pressure Bursting

For a controlled demolition that is relatively quiet and is dust-free, pressure bursting is the solution.

Splitting concrete can be done either by mechanical or chemical pressure bursting using a couple of different methods. These include a hydraulic pressure motor for mechanical bursting or inserting an expanding slurry into pre-drilled boreholes for chemical bursting.

The resulting split concrete can then be removed by contractors who specialize in concrete demolition in Chicago.

Hydraulic and chemical pressure bursting can both bust up concrete while keeping the noise and flying debris to a minimum.


Mechanical Bursting Expectations

  1. Inexpensive with no noise or vibration
  2. The boreholes needed will create some noise and vibration
  3. Diamond-tipped drilling reduces noise and vibration during hole drilling but can be more expensive
  4. Controlling how the concrete is demolished and its movement is difficult

Chemical Bursting Expectations

  1. This is a costlier method for pressure bursting
  2. Offers greater control over how concrete is split
  3. Over 4300 PSI of chemically induced pressure may be generated within 10 to 20 hours to crack concrete
  4. Silent with no vibration and very little dust


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Concrete Breakers

Usually used for projects requiring concrete demolition in Chicago, including bridge decks, foundations, and pavement, the preferred choice is a hand-held or boom-mounted pneumatic and hydraulic breaker.

The level of work required when using these methods depends on the hammer size, density of the concrete, how much steel reinforcement was used in the concrete, and the working environment. Expect 100 to 20,000 foot-pounds at 300 to 800 knocks per minute from machine-mounted breakers.


Why Is It Wise To Leave Garage Demolition Chicago, IL To Professionals

If you are considering a home remodel or upgrade, it may well be time to also tack on a garage renovation as well.  Homeowners who consider doing major renovations themselves are often daunted by the task of any interior demolition, including the garage demolition. Therefore, this type of task may be best left to the best professional demolition contractors Chigaco has to offer.

Ensuring a Safe and Secure Garage Demolition

Garage demolition is no straightforward task, surely not as easy as using your sledgehammer to knock down some walls.  Careful planning and preparation are key prior to any interior demolition. Without prior experience, a garage demolition may be one of the most dangerous home projects. Significant injuries are not uncommon, with many moving parts such as garage doors that may be carelessly taken apart and inadvertently fall on unsuspecting body parts.

Professional demolition contractors Chicago ensure to address the following prior to and during any garage demolition:

  • Obtain the required permits
  • Ensure all utilities are property shut off
  • Roofing shingles are removed
  • Siding is properly taken apart
  • Drywall is removed in an orderly fashion
  • Windows are cleanly pulled out
  • Garage door taken apart and removed properly
  • The concrete slab was safely broken up

The focus and order of these tasks would depend on a number of issues pertaining to the garage, such as:

  • Garage size
  • If the garage is attached or detached
  • Building material used

One of the most crucial aspects of garage demolition Chicago is to have the structure carefully inspected prior to any work for dangers such as asbestos or lead paint.  In these instances, the hazards would need to be safely removed by professional garage demolition contractors before the interior demolition can begin.

If you are considering a garage demolition, get in touch with D&D Garage Demolition as soon as possible for the highest level of professional demolition contractors Chicago has to offer.

Things to Know Before You Start an Interior Demolition Chicago, IL

Here are a few things you should know before you start any interior demolition, bathroom demolition, kitchen demolition, selective demolition, or garage demolition project in the Chicago area:

You’re Not Going to Be able to DIY an Interior Demolition in Chicago

Whether it is interior demolition, selective demolition, bathroom demolition, kitchen demolition, or garage demolition, this task can be dangerous. There are a lot of heavy machines, equipment, and steps that could potentially go wrong.

You May Need to Get Permits and Inspections If You Plan Doing an Interior Demolition in Chicago

Cooperate with local ordinances to ensure everything is done properly. D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago will handle all necessary permits and inspections for you.

Have a Clear, Defined Plan Before You Start an Interior Demolition in Chicago

Make sure that before starting the interior demolition in Chicago, you have a clear plan on what to do and what you want to happen.

Interior demolition in Chicago Is a Major Undertaking

Interior demolition is a big project. The amount of structure that needs to be demolished may sometimes seem larger and longer. D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago will work with you through every step of the process and will address any unexpected issues that may arise.

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Interior Demolition Service Chicago Is a Good Idea

Planning and Preparation
Demolition isn’t something that you can decide to do without a concrete plan, regardless of the nature of the project. The planning phase has a lot of important steps, such as:

  • Communicating your overall project objectives
  • Site inspection
  • Obtaining project approval from city ordinances when structural alterations will be made to ensure no building or environmental codes are being violated
  • Identifying load-bearing walls and the electrical or ductwork
  • Laying out a scope of work and projected job schedule
  • Determining the right materials and equipment for the job
  • Creating a contingency plan in case the original plan doesn’t work
  • Identify safety hazards and discuss with the team prior to commencing the work

2. Project Timeline Efficiency
The interior demolition service team can start working once the details are thoroughly ironed out, and you’ve secured a concrete work schedule for the demolition contractors. Since they are equipped with the relevant experience needed to carry out specific job-related tasks, the demolition contractors should start and complete the task within the given time frame.

3. Proper Expectations
To work with a Chicago-based professional interior demolition firm, you undoubtedly have exceptionally high service and product quality standards. However understandable, keeping realistic expectations within the project’s physical scope is still crucial.

4. Access to Professional Tools and Equipment
Another advantage of hiring a professional demolition service in Chicago is that it saves you money on the expense of purchasing or renting the essential tools and equipment for the work. They know how to use this equipment and tools without harming anyone.

5. Proper Waste Management
Certain waste material is unsafe to handle without the proper protective gear. Then there’s the waste management and disposal process, which can also be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. DD Interior Demolition Contractors can help you with this, thanks to their highly-guided waste management processes.