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Types Of Demolition by D&D Interior Demolition Contractors Chicago, IL

While most people’s definition of demolition is simply blowing things up, there is so much more to it than that. The type of space being demolished, the type of demolition being implemented, and the scope of the debris field are all taken into consideration. 

Here are some specific types of demolition: 



Essentially, interior demolition is when the insides are taken apart, the whole space gutted, while leaving the outside of the building in perfect shape. This is often done when a building is to be renovated or repurposed. It can involve taking out walls, piping, and even the ceilings.



Selective demolition is when a section of a structure is removed without disrupting the rest of the building and the surrounding area. This can apply to the interior, or exterior, of the structure.



Since most buildings have a concrete foundation, and lots of industrial warehouses have concrete walls, concrete demolition is the most common hurdle for most contractors. 



More nuanced and delicate than the more abrupt demolition, dismantling or deconstructing a space allows the items removed to be used again. It is a far more labor intensive, slow paced process, but the possibility of recycling or reusing the items inside makes up for the outright inefficiency. 



Just like it sounds, this is a comprehensive demolition that removes the entire structure, and this is usually done in a few different ways. 



For this, we use special machinery you have probably seen at many construction sites. Wrecking balls, hydraulic excavators, jack hammers, and so forth, tear down the structure in question with speed, but very little finesse. This is most common in total demolition. 


D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago can take on your demolition. Whether it’s concrete demolition, interior demolition, kitchen demolition or bathroom demolition in Chicago, we are here to help.


Tile Removal – Thanks To Our Interior Demolition Contractors Chicago, IL You’ll Do It The Right Way

Today is a good day for some interior demolition in your Chicago home. It is time to get rid of that tile. You might hate it, or you might just feel it is time to replace it, but either way, it has to go.


What you’ll need for a tile removal

Before you start smashing, you are going to need a few things:

  • Safety glasses
  • Quality gloves
  • Floor Scraper
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Dust Mask
  • Drop cloth


Where to begin the tile removal?

Once you have all of those, it is time to pick a starting point for tile removal. If you have taken the time to move anything not affixed to the ground, you probably already found a good place where there is no tile. This is your starting point. If you haven’t, anywhere will do.

Now that we know where to begin, let’s get to it. This might take a while, so plan enough time to get it done. Unless you don’t mind having the work half-finished.

  • Use the hammer and smash a few tiles.
  • Take the broken chunks and put them on the drop cloth. This is your catch-all. A bucket would work, too.
  • Take a look at the floor, inspecting for cracks and other damage.
  • Use your chisel to gently lift tiles you can get at from below where the putty has degraded.
  • Keep doing this until the space is clear. Your hammer and chisel, or the floor scraper, will work well to get up the tile adhesive mud. It will be like thin cement. You might need to use force.


Once done with the tile removal in your Chicago home, double check the concrete for any damages. Use a shop vac for the dust and smaller pieces. If you did it all correctly, your new tile will seat nicely.

In case you don’t enjoy the dirty work, doing it for you will be a pleasure for D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago. Just contact our demolition contractors and the job will be quickly done.

Fence Removal Chicago – Our Tips

Doing fence removal in Chicago yourself is a great way to save costs. Here are some tips for removing your old fence.

Are You Allowed To Take Down That Fence?
To be a good neighbor means not taking down a fence that’s not yours, so it is best to confirm your property lines before you start with your fence removal in Chicago.

Don’t Forget About Safety!
Number one is safety, so it is a lot safer to get the job done with two people. Be mindful that you’re not leaving nails on your yard, as this can be dangerous.

Removing Just The Fence Panels
If your posts are still in good condition, it is best to have a selective demolition in Chicago and save them. When you push your posts and can easily move them, it’s a sign of damage.

Our fence removal team is here if you are not ready for the heavy work that it requires for a fence removal! Contact D&D Interior Demolition Contractors in Chicago if you need our help.

How To Prepare For An Interior Demolition

When it`s time for an interior demolition in Chicago, D&D Interior Demolition Contractors has you covered. Here are some of our biggest tips that can prepare you for that big selective demolition phase. Tile removal and strip out often end up leaving a mess but these helpful hints can make the process easier and more efficient for interior demolition contractors in Chicago

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