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Concrete Removal Chicago, IL


Concrete removal is a process that requires the expertise of professional contractors. At D&D Concrete Removal in Chicago, we have expert skills and knowledge to haul concrete properly without damaging any part of your property. We can perform concrete removal in Chicago in parts of your residential or commercial property, be it the pavement, wall partition, ceiling, or any other area of the space. With our skills, we will remove all unnecessary concrete slabs on your property while maintaining the sturdiness of the structure.

Our concrete removal contractors perform a detailed inspection and assessment of the place to determine the accessibility of the area and the scope of the project. We provide estimates as well to guide you in preparing the right budget for the work. With your approval, we perform the work with the scheduled deadline in mind. Trust our expertise to have your home ready for your upcoming reconstruction project. Call D&D Concrete Removal in Chicago!

Why Hire Professional Contractors For Concrete Removal Chicago, IL

Safety: Breaking up old concrete and removing it comes with some safety concerns. Flying concrete shards can hit you or the property around you, causing harm. So the proper concrete demolition in Chicago is necessary.

Cost: While many people feel that they can save money by doing concrete removal themselves, there is a flaw in that thinking. The right equipment is needed to do the job right, which can cost more than simply hiring professionals for concrete removal in Chicago.

Expertise: It may seem like a simple job at first, it is actually more complicated than most understand. With the experts at D&D Concrete Demolition Contractors doing the work, you don’t have to worry about anything. We know how to handle surveying your property for concrete demolition in Chicago.

Effectiveness: To ensure that your concrete removal in Chicago does not damage any water pipes or electrical utilities underground, call the professionals at D&D Concrete Demolition Contractors.

Hassle-Free: Having professionals complete your concrete demolition in Chicago leaves you free to do other important things. You don’t have to concern yourself with the process or the inconvenience.

Decide if Concrete Demolition Chicago, IL Is the Right Move

Sunken Slabs in Concrete: Poor subgrade preparation or overloading concrete surfaces can result in sunken slabs. If you notice your patio, driveway, or concrete structure sitting lower than the previous years, it is time to have concrete removal in Chicago.

Concrete is Pitting or Spalling:
This can be from poor insulation and winters’ freezing or thaw cycles. If spalling becomes widespread, it makes the surface difficult to resurface, and concrete patching may not be possible. It is best to have concrete demolition or concrete removal in Chicago along with complete replacement.

Numerous Deep Cracks:
Concrete is prone to cracking, but these cracks have the potential to grow into massive breaks, and separation of slabs may occur. Concrete demolition in Chicago is necessary when the damage exceeds a certain level of severity.

Freeze/Thaw Damage:
Chicago sometimes experiences harsh winters. When moisture seeps through cracks, it puts a lot of pressure on concrete and can result in larger cracks, spalling, and even sunken slabs. To prevent worsening of damage, contact D&D Concrete Demolition in Chicago. 

Concrete Demolition Chicago, IL – FAQ

Is concrete removal possible?

You might be capable of removing a small concrete slab yourself, but a large concrete demolition in Chicago will need the expertise of a professional.

How long does concrete removal take?

It doesn’t take long to remove a concrete slab but doing it manually with a crowbar and a sledgehammer is very difficult. Professional concrete demolition in Chicago is better equipped to handle large jobs like a driveway.

How can you demolish an old concrete driveway?

Start in a corner of the concrete slab and move methodically forward. Break the concrete slab into manageable pieces and remove it from the work zone with a wheelbarrow.

How much does concrete removal cost?

For an idea of the cost for concrete removal in Chicago, inquire about a detailed quote. If the project is not itemized on the quote, it may be only for concrete demolition and does not include concrete removal from your site.