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Carpet Removal in Chicago

5 Things To Know Before You Approach Interior Demolition by Yourself

1. Carpet removal near me in Chicago isn’t as simple as ripping it up and getting rid of it. Once you’ve rolled up the old carpeting, there are concealed damages that you may see on the subfloor. Our interior demolition company will take care of those damages before putting in new carpeting.

2. Choosing the right carpet for your home is not just about the color. Our interior demolition contractors in Chicago will make sure that you will get not only the right carpet, but also the correct pad.

3. When it comes to measuring your new carpet, it can be a bit of a challenge. With a little help from our selective demolition team in Chicago, it can help minimize the stress of number-crunching and ensure accuracy. In this way, there won’t be any surprises when your new carpet arrives.

4. If your carpeting is poorly installed, the seams may likely come apart. Our demolition contractors in Chicago will make sure that the carpet we’ll replace will be as sturdy as possible and will be done with the highest quality of work.

5. In order to achieve a taut as well as a professional look, carpeting must be stretched. However, this requires access to commercial carpet stretchers and not all homeowners have it.

When you have considered those things, it might be best to leave the job to your carpet removal professionals in Chicago.

Reasons To Choose Us For Carpet Removal Chicago, IL

Years of Experience

D&D Carpet Removal Service has been providing outstanding carpet removal services in Chicago for years. We have 18 years of experience, and we have been in business for three years.

Expert Interior Demolition Contractors

Our team of carpet removal contractors in Chicago can handle any project with excellent expertise. We'll remove the unwanted, leaving everything else in perfect condition.

Fast and Efficient Service

D&D Carpet Removal Service understands that you don't want your carpet removal in Chicago to last any longer than it needs to, rest assured that we’ll work efficiently and quickly to achieve the timeframe we provided.

Reliable Selective Demolition Company

Count on our carpet removal experts in Chicago to be there when you need us to get the job done right. We are known for our reliability and fantastic service!

On-Time Project Completion

If you need a carpet removal near me in Chicago, we will get it done before you need to move to the next stage of your project. You can trust!

Commercial and Residential Interior Demolition

We’re the ones you can count on to be versatile in your carpet removal needs in Chicago. We can handle any commercial or residential project that you may need.

D&D Carpet Removal Chicago, IL - Testimonials


D&D Carpet Removal Service did an amazing job of performing the carpet removal as carefully as possible for the next installation. Their services in Chicago are highly commendable! I’d definitely get their services again!

Simon Oliver, Chicago IL


I made the mistake of doing my carpet removal in Chicago before, and it was a disaster. This time, I hired some experts. D&D Carpet Removal Service did a flawless job. Huge thumbs up!

Kimberley Monroe, Chicago IL


My basement floor was due for a carpet removal service in Chicago. For these things, I only trust D&D Carpet Removal Service. They have amazing contractors, plus they offer affordable services. Highly recommended company!

Tom Marshall, Chicago IL

Why Hire A Professional For Carpet Removal Chicago, IL

Carpets have this silent power to convert your home and add that dazzle in any space you want without investing in any major home improvement. It could be as simple as choosing the carpet that catches your eye, having it installed (or laying it flat as is), and you’re done! And when it’s time to have it replaced or temporarily removed, it can be tempting to do carpet removal in Chicago by yourself. We understand – you feel like you’re saving, but actually, you’re spending more in the long run. Thus at D&D Carpet Removal, we discourage it.

As experts in this field, we recommend our carpet removal service in Chicago to take the load off your back and do all the work for you. We are masters at our skill, so you can rest assured there would be no damage to your flooring. We use high-quality tools for clean results. Contact D&D Carpet Removal today!


One of the biggest dangers to your health could be inside your home. Asbestos is a hazardous mineral and can be found in older carpet overlays. If your house is quite old, like from the 1960’s or 10970’s, asbestos may be from your underlay, which used to be made of recycled hessian bags which contained the threatening material. Though most homeowners know where to look for it, it’s still best to hire interior demolition contractors Chicago to perform asbestos analysis to make sure your house is asbestos-free.

Carpets last for decades but wear and tear still happens. This is alarming as the barrier between you and the asbestos can be removed and exposure to this mineral can put your health at risk. D&D Carpet Removal can help you sort this dilemma out. We can perform interior demolition Chicago, selective demolition Chicago, or carpet removal Chicago to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Carpet Removal Chicago, IL - Tips

Prepare for dust and dirt: Carpets are prone to dust and debris that are difficult to remove with a simple sweeper. To protect your furniture during carpet removal in Chicago, install a temporary dust barrier from floor to ceiling and cover your furniture nearest to your carpet.

Getting it out: The bigger the carpet, the more awkward it would be to carry. Ask help from a friend to carry the entire carpet out of the house to also avoid dropping dust on the flooring on the way out.

Disposal after carpet removal: Your next challenge is disposing of the carpet. You could rent a dumpster that takes old carpets or bring them to your local waste disposal center.

Hire experts for carpet removal: It’s not an easy task removing a big roll of carpet from your home. For tasks like this, you need a professional team like D&D Carpet Removal. Contact us anytime for carpet removal in Chicago.